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what is the Topcon solar module technology?

Everyone knows that in recent years, PERC (passive emitter back contact) technology has been very popular in the manufacturing of solar panels and is currently the mainstream technology. You should know that a new technology appears in the photovoltaic industry every 2 to 3 years. TOPCon is a new technology that was developed in 2022 and the market demand is constantly increasing. This technology, known as tunnel oxide passivation contacts, was introduced into the photovoltaic industry by the Fraunhofer Solar Systems Research Institute in Germany in 2013. It pairs the tunnel oxide layer with PERC solar cells to reduce recombination losses and improve battery efficiency.

topcon technology

topcon technology

We have found that TOPCon makes PERC batteries more powerful and efficient.

The theoretical efficiency limit of Plain PERC technology is approximately 24%, which represents the solar energy consumption of the panel.

The efficiency of TOPCon will continue to improve in 2022: Trina Solar will reach 25.5% in March with the largest 210mm battery size. Due to TOPCon’s easy improvement in battery efficiency and reliability, this innovation may soon enter the Western market.

Higher efficiency allows the panel to obtain more energy per unit area, “he said. Compared to 70% of PERC, TOPcon has a “double-sided” rate of 80%, which allows TOPcon modules to obtain more energy from the back compared to PERC double-sided modules, which is beneficial for ground mounted utility projects.

Compared to the new manufacturing process, these battery advancements are quite easy to achieve on PERC batteries. PERC adds a passivation film on the back of a regular solar cell to absorb more light that may have already passed through the initial surface of the cell. TOPCon uses the same PERC membrane.

We Lingtech expect TOPcon to be the mainstream of the future. Because it can produce more power.