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72MW on grid solar pv power station in China Sichuan

he average annual temperature in the eastern Basin is 14-19 ℃, which is 1℃ higher than that in the same latitude area. The average temperature in January was 3-8 ℃, slightly higher in pelvic area. Average temperature in April 15℃ – 19℃; July average temperature of 25℃ – 29℃, is the hottest month of the year; The average temperature in October is 15℃-19℃, which is close to the annual average temperature in this area.

The latitude and longitude of Sichuan is between 26°03 ‘-34°19’ N and 97°21 ‘-108°12’ E

Lingtechsolar took into account altitude, latitude, longitude, light conditions, light duration, light radiation, direction, Angle, wind, humidity, salinity, sand conditions, temperature and other factors when designing the project.