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66MW off grid solar pv power plant system in Romania

Climate: Romania has a temperate continental climate similar to eastern China. The four seasons are distinct, the spring climate is pleasant; The summer temperature usually hovers between 22℃ and 24℃, and the highest temperature sometimes reaches 38℃. The hottest areas are the lowlands in the south and east, while the mountains are always cool and pleasant. Autumn is very much like New England, with golden fields and colorful leaves adorning the dry cool days; Winter is a bit cold, the temperature is generally around -3℃, especially in mountainous areas, the lowest record has reached -30℃.

It is about 43° — 47° north latitude and 20° — 30° east longitude

Lingtechsolar took into account altitude, latitude, longitude, light conditions, light duration, light radiation, direction, Angle, wind, humidity, salinity, sand conditions, temperature and other factors when designing the project.