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What are the benefits of installing solar roof?

Six benefits of installing solar PHOTOVOLTAIC power generation: Solar energy is inexhaustible. The solar radiation received on the earth’s surface can meet the global energy demand by 10,000 times. Installing solar photovoltaic systems on just 4% of the world’s deserts could generate enough electricity to meet global demand! Solar power is safe and secure from energy crises or instability in fuel markets; Solar energy can be everywhere, power supply can be nearby, no long distance transmission, avoid the loss of long distance transmission lines; Solar energy without fuel, low operating cost; Solar power generation without moving parts, not easy to damage, simple maintenance, especially suitable for unattended use; Solar power generation will not produce any pollution, noise and other public hazards, no adverse impact on the environment, is the ideal clean energy;

◆ Solar power generation system construction cycle is short, convenient and flexible, and according to the increase and decrease of load, arbitrarily add or reduce the solar array capacity, avoid waste. Eight advantages of

Industrial rooftop PV power generation: Make use of idle roofs and floors to revitalize fixed assets and increase enterprise income.

industrial commercial rooftop solar pv grid system[/caption]

◆ For enterprises to save peak electricity charges (peak power generation in the daytime), surplus electricity can be sold online. Reduce the internal temperature of the factory, increase the cost of working comfort and cooling in summer.

◆ Can better fulfill the energy conservation and emission reduction targets stipulated by the government.

◆ Not limited by the distribution of resources, using the advantages of building roof safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution. ◆ Use the nearest user side access, without long-distance transportation, to avoid the loss of long-distance transmission lines. ◆ Solar power generation system construction cycle is short, energy acquisition time is short, convenient and flexible, according to the increase and decrease of load, arbitrarily add or reduce solar array, avoid waste.

◆ Good investment returns, can run for at least 25  years. No fuel, low operating cost, power generation process is not easy to produce pollution waste, is the ideal clean energy.