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6MW solar power on grid pv power plant in Lithuania

This solar power project is 6MW on grid pv power plant in Lithuania

Lithuania’s climate is between the maritime climate and the continental climate, winter is long, more rain and snow, less sunshine; From the middle of September to the middle of March of the following year, the temperature is the lowest. The average temperature in January is -4°C to 7°C. Summers are shorter and cooler, with longer hours of sunshine; It is warmest from late June to early August, with an average temperature of 16-20°C in July.

Lithuania is located in east-central Europe, with latitude 53°54′ -56 °27′ n and longitude 20°56 ‘-26 °51’ E.

We at lingtechsolar take into full account the local longitude, latitude, altitude, climate, humidity, rainfall, weather, humidity, exposure Angle, light, radiation amount.