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60MW off grid grass land solar pv power plant in Thailand

Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate. Thailand has three seasons: the hot season (March to May), the rainy season (June to late October) and the cool season (November to February). The average annual temperature is 24 ~ 30℃. The annual temperature is not less than 18℃, and the average annual precipitation is about 1000 mm.

From November to February, it is relatively dry due to the cold northeast monsoon. From March to May, the highest temperature can reach 40-42℃. From July to September, it is rainy season due to the influence of southwest monsoon.

Longitude :100°31 ‘E, latitude :13°45 ‘n.

Tropical cyclones occasionally strike eastern Thailand from the South China Sea over Indochina Peninsula from October to December, but the number of tropical cyclones forming in the Gulf of Siam is generally between 20 and 35.

Lingtechsolar took into account altitude, latitude, longitude, light conditions, light duration, light radiation, direction, Angle, wind, humidity, salinity, sand conditions, temperature and other factors when designing the project.