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33MW land mounted on grid pv solar power station in Chile

Chile is located in southwest South America, at the western foot of the Andes mountains. Latitude 18 degrees to 57 degrees south, longitude 81.5 degrees to 68.5 degrees west

Winter (June to August) and spring (September to November). Summer temperatures in San Diego, the capital of Chile, are not too hot from October to March. The hottest month in January is 20 degrees Celsius on average. It is not too cold in winter. The average temperature in July is about 8℃.

As the country spans 38 latitudes and varies geographically, Chile’s climate is complex and varied, including many forms. There are at least seven major climate subtypes in Chile according to the Coburn classification, including desert in the north to alpine tundra and glaciers in the east and southeast, humid subtropical climate on Easter Island, maritime climate in southern Chile, and Mediterranean climate in central Chile.

Lingtechsolar took into account altitude, latitude, longitude, light conditions, light duration, light radiation, direction, Angle, wind, humidity, salinity, sand conditions, temperature and other factors when designing the project.