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2KW on grid power station for a farm in Spain

The power plant for a small farm in Spain in a small town.

Spain has distinct seasons. The coldest month is January to February, with the average temperature ranging from 8 to 13 degrees Celsius in the east and south. 2 to 10 degrees in the north. The hottest month is August, with an average temperature of 24 to 36 degrees Celsius in the east and south. 16 to 21 degrees Celsius in the north.

Spain lies between latitude 36 degrees 00 and 43 degrees 22 ‘north, longitude 9 degrees 18’ west and longitude 3 degrees 19 ‘east.

We at lingtechsolar take into full account the local longitude, latitude, altitude, climate, humidity, rainfall, weather, humidity, exposure Angle, light, radiation amount.