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22MW photovoltaic on grid solar power plant in Nigria

Nigeria is a savanna climate, the overall high temperature and rainfall, the whole year is divided into dry season and rainy season, the annual average temperature is 26-27 ℃, the coastal areas of the annual average temperature is 32.2°C, the northernmost can reach 40.6°C. North latitude 9 ° 14 ’09 “; East longitude 10 ° 34 ’26 “.

The Intertropical Convergence zone forms at 7 degrees north latitude every October-March when the sun is in the southern hemisphere. During this period, the air is very dry under the influence of the northeast air mass.

In December-February, dry, dusty Hamadan winds blow from the Sahara desert, making the air chilly and foggy and reducing visibility.

In 4 to 9 months, the sun is in the northern hemisphere, humid climate, intertropical convergence zone moving north, in August in about 20 degrees north latitude, wet southwest tropical Marine air to enter inland and southeast monsoon and rainfall our Lingtechsolar full consideration in the design of the project when the local altitude, latitude and longitude, light conditions, Illumination time, illumination radiation, direction, Angle, wind, humidity, salinity, sand conditions, temperature and other conditions.