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15MW rooftop mounted photovoltaic solar power system in Newzland

New Zealand is surrounded by the sea and rugged mountains from 34° south latitude to 47° East longitude from 166° to 178°. Throughout a maritime temperate broadleaf forest climate. Due to the influence of the westerly wind, the average annual precipitation of the west coast is 1000 to 3000 mm, and the southwest coastal areas of the South Island can reach more than 5000 mm. Just 500 millimeters on the east coast. There are no large areas of land nearby to influence climate change, so the temperature difference between winter and summer is very small, only about 10 degrees. The average annual temperature in the North Island is about 15 ° C and in the South Island it is about 10 ° C. Climate characteristics also vary from region to region, with temperatures generally rising farther north. The north Island has a mild climate and green grass all year round. The e South Island has low temperature and distinct scenery in four seasons. Lingtechsolar took into account altitude, latitude, longitude, light conditions, light duration, light radiation, direction, Angle, wind, humidity, salinity, sand conditions, temperature and other factors when designing the project.