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11MW pv solar power station in China Shandong province

Shandong province has a mild climate, concentrated rainfall, four distinct seasons, belonging to the warm temperate monsoon climate. Summer prevailing southerly wind, hot and rainy, winter more northerly wind, cold and dry; Spring weather changeful, dry little rain more sand; The weather in autumn is sunny and cool, and the temperature is moderate. The annual average temperature of the province basically follows the distribution law of decreasing from southwest to northeast, but there is little difference among regions, most of which are around 13℃. Jining, southern Heze, Jinan, Zaozhuang are above 14℃, of which Jinan 14.7℃, is the province’s highest annual average temperature; The average annual temperature in the hilly region of the Peninsula is relatively low, generally ranging from 11.4 ℃ to 11.9℃. The temperature ranges from 12.0 ℃ to 12.9℃ in north Shandong province and peninsula area except hilly area. In other areas, it is generally 13.0 ~ 13.9℃. In January, the average temperature in all parts of the province was below 0℃, the lowest of the year. Northern Shandong and inland Shandong Peninsula have the lowest temperature in the province, generally around -3℃; The eastern and southern coastal areas of the Peninsula and the southern Lunan are generally between -1.0 ℃ and -0.2℃, which is the high value area of the whole province. Most of the other areas are in the -2.0 ~ -1.0℃. Summer solar radiation is the strongest, summer temperature is the highest everywhere. July is the warmest month in the interior, while the eastern and southern coasts of the peninsula are affected by the oceanic climate and only reach their warmest temperatures of the year in August. The average temperature in August is between 21.5 ℃ and 27.5℃. The average temperature in Jinan, Zibo, Jining and the south of Heze was above 27℃. Weifang, Laiwu, Linyi and most of the western areas of the temperature are between 26 ~ 27℃; The southeast coast of the peninsula is generally 21.5 ~ 25.0℃, and most of the other areas are 25 ~ 26℃. The average temperature in Jinan in July is still the highest in the province, at 27.5℃. From January to July, the temperature rises gradually. After August, the temperature dropped month after month.

Lingtechsolar took into account altitude, latitude, longitude, light conditions, light duration, light radiation, direction, Angle, wind, humidity, salinity, sand conditions, temperature and other factors when designing the project.